Notice on preventive measures against covid-19

With consideration of the health and safety of our guests and employees above all else, we have implemented the following measures at Riad Goloboyin order to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus and prevent infections.


Reception and Entrance

  • Requesting the use of masks
  • Taking guests’ temperature

We kindly ask for your cooperation in allowing us to take your temperature at the entrance using a non-contact thermometer.

We prohibit guests who have a temperature of over 37.5℃, a cough, malaise, or other symptoms from entering our hotel and lodging.

  • Maintaining distance at the front desk and in the lobby

We have markers to guide guests waiting at the front desk and in the lobby to keep their distance from other guests.

  • Disinfecting luggage carts


Public Spaces

  • Enhancing regular disinfection
  • Setting up disinfectant in various locations



  • Ventilation

We are circulating air by leaving the doors open and keeping the air conditioners switched off.

  • Disinfecting hands

Please thoroughly disinfect your hands when entering the restaurant or returning from the restroom.

  • Wearing masks

Please wear a mask when you are not seated and moving inside the restaurant.

  • Maintaining distance between seats

We have set up the tables to keep as much distance as possible between them.

  • Disinfecting tables, chairs, and menus


Guest Rooms

  • Disinfecting the interior of guest rooms

In addition to normal cleaning, we are thoroughly disinfecting furniture, and other objects inside the guest rooms that guests may come into contact with.



  • Wearing masks

We have mandated all employees to wear masks.

  • Checking physical condition

Employees have their temperature checked before starting work. Employees who have a temperature of over 37.5℃ or are not in a good physical condition are ordered to stay home.

  • Thoroughly washing hands and disinfecting

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